Links to artist info/docos/websites



Bill Brandt

Bill Henson

Bill Henson Interview – the design files

Bill Henson Doco –

Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall doco

Jeff Wall videos –

Cindy Sherman video –

Barbara Kruger videos –

Hiroshi Sugimoto videos –

Gabrielle Orozoko videos  –

Robert Adams video –

Sally Mann video –

William Wegmann –

Catherine Opie –

Laurie Simmons –


Jean Michel Basquiat

Jean – Michel Basquiat Documentary -The Radiant Child

Roy Lichenstein

Ben Quilty

Kelti Ferris  –

Walton Ford  –

Video Art

Sean Gladwell

Daniel Crooks

Patricia Picinini

Mathew Barney  –


Louise Bourgeois –

Janine Antoni –

Liz Magic Laser –

Mixed Media/Performance

Jenny Holtzer –

Paul Mccarthy videos

Marina Abramovic –

Laurie Andrewson  –

Ai Weiwei –

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