Art Theory & Criticism Unit 2

Unit 2 Overview

Themes and Styles

Welcome to Unit 2, Themes and Styles. This unit introduces you to the significant themes and styles of art, design and architecture. Significant themes and styles are studied in relation to art, design or architectural works. You will respond to art, design or architectural works and describe form, function, intention and purpose.

Now that you have undertaken some deep and detailed DAIE you will have some of the skills and understanding required for the tasks within Unit 2.

This unit includes two minor assignments, each a short response that explores differing significant themes or approaches through selected art, design or architectural works (300 to 500 words). Your teacher will advise which activities need to be completed to ensure the required knowledge has been obtained in order to complete the mandatory work requirements.

  Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • know some of the major themes and styles in art history and their socio-historical contexts
  • identify thematic and stylistic features of different artworks and be able to communicate their form, function, intention and purpose
  • understand that art is contextually situated (socially, culturally and historically) and artworks need to be evaluated within the context of their creation


You work in this unit will be assessed using the following criteria:

  1. Communicate using visual art language
  2. Identify the social, cultural and historical contexts of visual art
  3. Apply visual arts concepts to discussions
  4. Describe connections between visual art concepts and personal experience
  5. Undertake visual art inquiry
  6. Apply time management, planing and negotiation skills to visual art inquiry