For your last exercise I asked you to do a brainstorm in order to come up with an idea to work with. Take one of your images from the last task and change it substantially in photoshop in order to change the meaning of the work. Think of your original concept and give it a new interpretation by changing the elements within the image. If you are absolutely stuck consider changing it to one of these concepts:


You don’t have to to think about what the artwork will look like as a finished piece but rather, consider how you can express the concept through the marks that you make, and/or the way that you arrange the image.

Look at these images below by Bill Henson, The Starn Brothers and Polly Borland. How does Henson use of colour, light and dark  make you feel? What concept do you think they were working with?


  • Find a pre – existing image you have taken and change it in some way in order for it to express a mood or emotion of your choice.
  • Size should be no bigger than A4 but can be smaller if you wish.
  • This does not have to be a REALISTIC image. It can be purely interpretative and/or expressive.
  • When you have finished, make a copy and stick it into your visual diary and write a 200 word reflection. Make sure you annotate your image and reflect on how you approached the work and how you feel the work has been resolved.

Criteria :

  1. *use the elements and principles of design to solve problems
  2. recognise and use a variety of artistic conventions
  3. *select and use technologies and techniques
  4. *communicate ideas, emotions and information
  5. apply time management, planning and negotiation skills to Visual Arts activities.

* = denotes criteria that are both internally and externally assessed.


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