Unit 1 – exercise 5 (criterion 3)

Time to do some practical work! The first thing we are going to look at is composition.

depth-of-field-3What is composition and is there such thing as good or bad composition?

Lets have a look at a power point presentation which provides and over view of 7 very important rules of composition:

Rule of Thirds, Rule of Even & Odd, Triangles, Space Simplification, Symmetry, Pattern & Repetition.



Your task is to choose 5 of the 7 rules of composition and using a digital camera, take 5 photos which demonstrate these rules. The subject matter of your shots is entirely up to you – have another look at your brainstorm and ideas pages to gather your thoughts about what you would like to shoot. You might like to consider using a tripod for your shots (depending on your light situation).

What to hand in – You should hand in 2 print outs of each image. One should be stuck in your visual diary and annotated or drawn directly upon to show the composition that you have attempted to achieve. The second copy should be handed in in a folder which I will provide to you.

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