Art Theory & Criticism: Unit 1 Activity 6



What to do

  1. Select and research a group of art/design/architectural works. These must include at least four 3 dimensional works and six 2 dimensional art works. Your selection must all have something in common. This something can be related to their common design elements, techniques or concepts.
  2. In brief note form, DAIE (describe, analyse, interpret, evaluate) each of the selected works. In so doing, try to gain an overall opinion about the characteristics of the works, their maker’s intentions and what the experience for an audience might be should they be viewing the selected works in real life.
  3. Print out all of the selected works to a scale that will fit on the walls of a room built by YOU from a cardboard box or an old shoe box. This will form the maquette of your gallery. The 3 dimensional art works will need to be free standing. This will test your hand skills!
  4. During the entire time that you are building your maquette of your gallery and exhibition you will need to consider the experience for your audience and your intentions for your curatorial decisions. All of this will be reported to your teacher and/or your class.

What to submit

  • Your Maquette
  • Your curatorial notes and presentation totalling no more than 500 words
  • Bibliography


This activity will be assessed against criteria 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.