Art Production

Art Production

ART315112, TASC Level 3, Size Value = 15


Work submitted for assessment must be: produced during the one calendar year; be unique to this course; and not be work submitted for assessment in any other course.


Through participation in this course students must develop the ability to articulate the issues of art practice and ideas within their work, and the work of others.


This course consists of two (2) interdependent and mandatory areas of learning:

  • Studio Production, specialising in one studio area
  • Theory


  • Art commentary – refers to the reflection by students of their own works. It includes the development of an art language, the recognition of art and ‘non-art’ references, and the ability to communicate intentions and results to others.
  • Art history – is the study of art in the context in which it was made.
  • Art criticism – is the study of art in the context of the viewer.


Students must complete the following work for assessment:

  • major completed art works
  • support material, including a journal and preliminary drawings/works
  • a minimum of one (1) research project – minimum of 1,500 words (or equivalent in another negotiated format) that relates to the student’s work and may include influential artists, styles or techniques
  • a minimum of four (4) internally assessed written assignments – approx. 500 – 700 words, equally balanced between research and criticism. At least one (1) of the four (4) assignments must be non-essay based.


  1. *Use the elements and principles of design to solve problems
  2. Recognise and use a variety of artistic conventions
  3. *Select and use technologies and techniques
  4. *Communicate ideas, emotions and information
  5. *Plan, organise and complete activities
  6. *Create and display a cohesive body of art work
  7. Observe, analyse and creatively respond to cultural influences and art works
  8. Analyse and evaluate art ideas and information

* = externally and internally assessed criteria