Unit 1 – exercise 2 (criterion 5)

Now its time to do some research. Your job is to do two things.

1 – find 3 examples of artists who inspire you. Create (at least) one page in your visual diary for each artist and fill it with images of their work. Annotate the images, noting the reasons why you like the work. Out of these 3 artists at least 1 must come from a different cultural background.

2 – Now try to find 3 examples of these artists speaking about their work. (you can use the ones on this site or find your own) Try to find information on artists working in different mediums (painting, video art, ceramics). You can use the internet but dont forget about the books in the library : )

You should then answer these questions for each artist;

  •  What is their identified inspiration? You can quote them directly but don’t forget to say that you are doing so.
  • What do they say are the sources for ideas?
  •  What are the artists influences and their background/culture? Are these important to their work? How can you see evidence of this in their work?
  • How do they use and experiment with materials and techniques
  • Describe their exploratory processes.

Make a note of anything you find that seems to form a parallel with your own ideas.


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