Unit 3:; Mini proposal guide

You can use this as a guide to writing your exploration proposal. If you respond to each of these questions you will have written the proposal. It should be about a few paragraphs to a page in length. You should respond in full sentences. You can include images with your words if you wish.

1) What are the ideas you are going to explore?

2) Explain the subject matter you are thinking of using and why you have chosen this . 

3) What mediums will you explore? ( e.g, painting, sculpture, drawing) 

4) What inspire you and how do these inspirations relate to your work?

5) Discuss the aesthetic qualities you would like to explore in relation to your own work.

6) What materials and techniques do you plan to use? 

7) Will there be any contraints to the materials you will be using? Do these constraints effect the way in which you work?


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