Major Theory Task 5 – Research Task

Art Production TASC 5 Major Research Task

First Draft Due: Wednesday 17th August

Final Draft Due: Wednesday 7th September


Choose an artist whose work is relevant to your own work on a conceptual basis (theme) and one who has influenced your own work in another way.

  • Situate these artists in a context (history, movement, period, influences etc)
  • Explore their themes and how these themes have been dealt with by the broader art world,
  • Analyse at least three of their artworks in depth, demonstrating your language of art.

Include a bibliography with at least 10 quality sources. At least 3 of these should be books. Essays without a bibliography and in-text referencing will not be accepted.

The text of your assignment should be at least 1500 words. Shorter essays will not be accepted.


You need to be able to demonstrate your capacity to do the following through this task:

  • Recognise, identify and describe a broad range of artistic principles and elements of design
  • Observe, examine and discuss art work
  • Recognise, critically analyse and discusses the relationships between socio-historical factors and artists and artworks
  • Observe and critically analyse the relationships between art and society
  • Use appropriate referencing techniques
  • Use a comprehensive bibliography
  • Proficient fluency of artistic vocabulary
  • Identify, critically analyse and discuss a variety of viewpoints that arise from art ideas and issues
  • Accurately classify and organise art information from a broad range of sources into logical patterns or points of view


Criterion 1: Use the elements and principles of design to solve problems

Criterion 7: Observe, analyse and creatively respond to cultural influences and art works

Criterion 8: Analyse and evaluate art ideas and information


Submit a hard copy to your teacher which includes images of the artworks you are discussing. Print a hard copy with a cover sheet without your name on it for external assessment. Submit an electronic copy through Simon.