Folio of artworks – what to include in your folio

Unit 4 – Folio of Artworks

The folio of artworks is a selection of finished artworks that you choose to submit for assessment. The pieces are expected to show a resolve and clear connection in theme, aesthetic quality or ideas explored. You should make sure that you review your exploration proposal at the beginning of unit 4 so that you are clear about what it is you are doing.


This stands for Focus, Reflect, Evaluate, Document. You should use this as the principle on your second visual diary.

What to include in your second visual diary

The first thing that should be included is a re-focus and reflection on your potential directions from unit 3. Start by looking at your potential directions and selecting at least 2 which you will develop into finished pieces. There must be evidence of potential directions at the start of your second folio so it would be a good idea to photocopy the selection from your first visual diary and stick them into your second diary. If you have a LOT of directions you will need to refine them. Your potential directions and work should be evaluated as you progress which means that you will need to annotate photographs of your work as it progresses. Get used to photographing your work as you work on it so that the progression is clearly documented. If you like, you can photograph the progression of your work every lesson. You will then need to again, reflect and evaluate the progression of your work as you go. This can be done by annotations and writing about your progress. It is very important that your teacher observes you working in the classroom to illuminate any authentication issues.

Make sure that your exploration proposal is not forgotten – you should be referring back to this all the way through your artmaking process.

Folio Focus

When you have completed your final works you will need to submit a focus and evaluation statement. This is a reflection on your artwork and the process you went through in order to make it. You will be asked to respond to a number of questions which can be found on pages 225 – 230 of your text book. A detailed example of a focus statement can be found on pages 231 – 233 of your text.

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