Art Studio Practice – Theory Task

* This Assignment is to be done in class and completed for homework. There are 2 tasks here.

Task 1

Choose two artists (you can use Bill Henson and Frida Kahlo if you wish or you may choose two others) on which to base your research. It is very important that you choose artists from either

 Two different historical time periods


Two different cultural contexts.

  • select at least two artworks by each artist; develop charts under the following headings: historical/cultural context, influences, subject matter, aesthetic qualities, materials, techniques, description of style and ideas, and meaning in the artwork;

Task 2

Read pages  185- 190 of your text then answer the following questions :

1)     What is appropriation?

2)     What is copyright and how long does it last ?

3)     What are licensing agreements?

4)     Does an artist have any moral rights? What are they?

Due Date : Friday 16th May

What to submit:

You need to submit 2 tables of details for both artists and the completed 4 handouts (2 artworks by 2 artists) in a plastic pocket. You MUST include a photocopy of the artworks you are addressing. If you wish to re-type these you may.

You also need to submit the sheet on copyright.

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