Unit 3 : Body of Work Proposal

Body of Work Proposal    light

It’s now time for you to attempt to write a ‘mini’ artists’ proposal. This is a document which describes your ideas and concepts and sets out how you will go about realising them. Even though you will be writing down your ideas they are not locked in stone – we of course always expect your ideas to evolve as time passes. Think of this as a starting point – it can be amended over time. This is a chance to try to sus out where you might be heading with your ideas.

You have already answered some questions in relation to;

  • Subject matter
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Aesthetic qualities
  • Art forms, materials and techniques

Now have a go at answering these questions, and you’ll basically have your proposal ready to go;

1)What are the ideas you would like to explore?

2) Describe the subject matter you would like to explore and why you have chosen this . 

3) What are your sources of inspiration and how do these relate to your work? You should include examples of other artists work with your proposal.

4) What materials and techniques do you plan to use and how will these support the communication of ideas?

5) Discuss the aesthetic qualities you would like to explore in relation to your own work.

7) Will there be any contraints to the materials you will be using? Do these constraints effect the way in which you work?

Respond to these questions in full sentences on a word document.

  • You must include evidence of ideas development with your proposal; eg, brainstorms, annotated images by other artists, any trials you have already done etc.

DUE DATE: 26th May.

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