Art Theory & Criticism: Unit 2 Activity 4

Unit 2 Activity 4: A PICTURE OF EVENTS 

Below is a collection of EVENTS and ARTISTS from 600 years of Damned Fine Colouring In

Byzantine EraBotticelliRomanesque EraInternational Gothic EraTitianThe ReformationGiottoBrueghelHugo van der GoesBrunelleschiRogier van der WeydenMatthias GrünewaldSodomaLeonardoGiorgioneMichelangeloRaphaelEl GrecoPeruginoConrad WitzBelliniPontormoDonatelloMasaccioTibaldiMessinaVeroneseGiorgio VasariHieronymusBoschLucas CranachCimabueTintorettoRossoDella FrancescaParmiaginoStephen LochnerGutenberg PressAlbrecht DürerHieronymus BoschVerrocchioCorreggioArcimboldoGhirlandaioJan van EyckLippiHolbeinPalma VecchioBronzinoGiulo RomanoMantegna

Alternatively, develop a list of designers and architects from the index of an authoritative text or historical overview.

View The Birth of Damned Fine Colouring In



What to do

This task will require two sheets of paper at least A3 in size.

  1. SHEET ONE: Plot the time span for each artist/designer/architect, their birth and death dates and at least one key event during their life time. You may wish to attribute a particular colour for each entry. Along the base of your paper, in a line, record the correct information for every resource you use.
  2. SHEET TWO: Create a new timeline using only six of the artists/designers/architects from SHEET ONE. For each artist/designer/architect on SHEET TWO identify the key intentions or purposes for their art work. Again, along the base of your paper, in a line, record the correct information for every resource you use.

What to submit

  • Sheet one and sheet two
  • These will include approximately 300 – 500 words of your own handwriting and the reference material at the base of each sheet


This activity will be assessed against criteria 1, 2 and 5.