Artists’ Proposal Help

This link could be really useful when it comes to submitting your exploration proposal – it’s a checklist so you can make sure you’ve addressed everything you need to;

artisan_exploration proposal checklist

Also, Here are the questions you need to repond to. Basically if you resond to each of these headings you will find have written the right thing. See your text book Artisan (pages 126 – 136) for sample responses to each of the questions.

1) What are the conceptual possibilites and ideas you are going to explore?

2) Explain the focus and the subject matter to be explored

3) What art forms will you explore?

4) What are the sources of inspiration and how do these relate to your work?

5) Discuss the aesthetic qualities you would like to explore in relation to your own work.

6) what materials and techniques do you plan to use and how will these support the communication of ideas?

7) Will there be any contraints to the materials you will be using? Do these constraints effect the way in which you work?

This PDF will also give you headings to work through when writing your proposal. There is also an example of a full proposal at the end of the document. SKM_C30820021314190


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