Major Research Paper

Research Essay GUIDE

1) Identify the focus of your body of work

In this section of your statement you should identify the focus of your body of work, discussing the focus based on the direction your work has taken.

Eg – ‘The focus of my work was the figure within the environment. I refined my ideas by focusing on specifically on the urban landscape. This has then led me to explore the idea of alienation within the landscape, and the ideas of dislocation and dislocation’.

2) Describe the focus and subject matter of the folio. This should include Inspiration and Influences including other artists you have looked at who have influenced your work. 

Here you should reflect on the original focus and subject matter in your proposal and clarify the direction you took. Has your direction changed at all? What artists have you looked at? How has their work influenced your own?

Eg – ‘ Although I began thinking about the idea of the human body and how it has been represented in the media, my work has evolved to include issues of feminism, consumerism and how the female form has been represented throughout art history’. * Discuss other artists in terms of their practice and works and how their work has influenced your own. 

3) Identify and discuss how potential directions have contributed to the final artworks + provide evidence of potential directions. (photo)

Here you should clearly identify the potential directions (that you decided to pursue) both in written and visual form. You can do this by including a photograph in your statement. Once you have done this you need to discuss why you chose these directions and how they best reflect your ideas and focus. (as apposed to a different direction)

4) Explain any further refinements to potential directions

Here you should look at your final artworks and discuss any refinements you made to the works

Eg –‘ I selected potential direction number 3 as I felt that it communicated my ideas the best. I began by using pencil on heavy weight paper however I felt that the image needed something extra so I added the element of collage to give it more of a punchy effect. I also changed the composition slightly so that the head of the figure was cropped out to give more make the figure seem dehumanised’.

5) Reflect on how the final artworks effectively communicate your aims and ideas

Here you should reflect and write about the effectiveness of your final artworks in terms of their communication of your ideas and aims.

Eg – My final pieces effectively communicate my interest in nature. The three final artworks cohesively illustrate my fascination with patterns and textures. The use of extra elements such as collage and heavy cropping add interest and make these pieces highly tactile.

6) Analyse how the final artworks realise the communication of your ideas.

Your folio should demonstrate a realisation of your communication of ideas. You are required to reflect on your ideas and how these have been met in your final artworks. You should also discuss the relationship between artworks here.

Eg – I believe that my final artworks are a sound realisation of my ideas. My work communicates the ideas of fragmentation and decay through the use of photomontage and collage. The use of juxtaposing images also compounds this idea of fragmentation and tension. The grotty subject matter and eery photos of building sites also speaks highly of decay and degeneration.

7) Discuss the relationships evident between the final artworks

Here you need to write about the relationships you can see between your artworks. You can write about connecting theme, focus, subject matter, concept, ideas, materials and techniques.

Eg – The pieces I have created in my folio are linked through subject matter and materials used. My theme of adolescence and the mass media is evident in each of the pieces. My final folio of works has achieved a further sense of cohesion by using the one art form, photography. Each artwork is linked through the use of advertising and the use of photography reflects how society is bombarded by these images.

8) Discuss how materials and techniques were applied in the final artworks

Here you need to state the materials and techniques used in the finished artworks. You need to present a detailed description of the process and the application of various materials and techniques. You need to make sure you use correct art terminology here and you might need to refer to the TASC website for a more comprehensive list of art terms.

9) Explain how aesthetic qualities were resolved in the final artworks

Here you should write about the art elements and principles you used in your finished artworks and how resolved you feel these are in your finished works.

Eg – Aesthetically, I want my work to convey a sense of disarray and discord for the viewer. Through the use of harsh lines and juxtaposing images, I believe that I have achieved this in my images. The harsh and sharp lines are crucial to the overall finish of the work and I used a professional cutting knife to achieve this.

10) Discuss the final presentation of the cohesive artworks

Here you are required to discuss the way in which you envisage your final works being presented. It is important that you consider this very carefully as artworks can be presented in a multitude of ways. You can include drawn plans here of how you see the works displayed in an artshow. You need to consider lighting, positioning and sequencing.

Eg – I decided to present my finished works as a series of oil paintings on canvas. (a total of 7 works on canvas ranging from 15cm to 35 cm squared). I see the works presented as a series from left to right and that the images would be displayed fairly close to one another so that the viewer is able to make a connection between the works. Framing is very important to my images as the rococo style of frames reflects the idea of excess and consumerism – a key concept which runs throughout my work.

 You must use appropriate art terminology when writing your major research paper. 

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