Your work will be marked both internally and externally using a criterion based method of assessment. You can access the full range of criteria and assessment dates on the TASC website by clicking here.

For each criterion you will be awarded an “A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ rating  accruing to how well you have met the outcomes of the course.

A ‘T’ will be awarded where a student has achieved less than a ‘C’ standard and is not described in the course standards.

A ‘Z’ notation is awarded to a student who provides no evidence of achievement at all. If you do not hand any work in you can expect to be awarded this grade. You can also fall into this area if you fail to submit your support material with your finished works.

External Assessment Requirements

The external assessment requirements of this course consist of :

A display of work comprising major work and support material (INCLUDING JOURAL AND PRELIMINARY DRAWINGS/WORKS) which is used to assess criteria 1,3,4,5 & 6. 


  1. * Use the elements and principles of design to solve problems
  2. Recognise and use a variety of artistic conventions
  3. * Select and use technologies and techniques
  4. *Communicate ideas, emotions and information
  5. *Plan, organise and complete activites
  6. *Create and display a cohesive body of artwork
  7. Observe, analyse and creatively respond to cultural influences and artworks
  8. Analyse and evaluate art ideas and information

*= externally and internally assessed criteria